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At the Canadian Women’s Foundation, our vision is for all women in Canada to live free from violence. The long-term experience of being abused can destroy a woman’s self-confidence, making it more difficult for her to believe that she deserves better treatment, that she can find the courage to leave, or that she can manage on her own.

Or tired of the frustration of finally meeting someone special only to watch them waltz off with someone else? Better still, they can help build intimacy and reconnect busy lovers who might be losing that precious spark or slowly drifting apart. It opened my eyes and made me realize that there was a whole society of romantic geniuses out there who had long understood the art of seduction... In fact, mesmerizing text messages can do even more than that; they can make your special someone actually crave you and ache to receive your little text missiles of seduction. Flirty texts don’t just "wow" your partner one time; they're often read, re-read, and, you guessed it, re-read again. Expert texting gives you the power to invade someone's thoughts..stay there. My program will hand you the tips, tricks, and strategies for creating and keeping passion and desire burning red hot through texting, whether you’re single or in a relationship.Creative text exchanges are fun, effective, and a breath of fresh air for many relationships. The same winning message that was just read three times by one special person can be re-sent to other people you might have your eye on now or in the future, multiplying your flirting capabilities and giving you even better odds of finding your perfect match. And they had been able to effectively take their skills and apply them to texting, the modern day version of the passionate love letters of days gone by. So, when it comes time to put the cell phones down and meet up face to face, either for the first time or the three hundred thousandth time, reconnecting and “getting in the mood” will not be an added task on your to do list.We want to help prime you with all our knowledge on online dating so that you have the best experience possible and hopefully meet that person that is right for you, joining the millions of others in their online dating success.And why waste time learning through trail and error when you can start out with all the knowledge you need?

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