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Read more I read Save the Date, mostly on my front porch, in a hammock. In the best case, it’s an exchange of witty one-liners and fascinating reveals that create a slow build of anticipation to chatting on the phone...

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I'm the sort of person who can be very emotionally indulgent in brief episodes but then completely cold and indifferent the rest of the time. Why can't other people come with little power switches on their backs?Thinking outside the box, integrating technology and simulation, and emphasizing interactive teaching strategies assist in providing the tools for students to become high-level, critical thinkers.Join us to learn and be inspired by nationally renowned nurse educators who are making an impact on student and program outcomes.I know there have been a few similar threads, so here we go again.I have never been a date and never have had the inclination to do so. My family and a few acquaintances have been bothering me about it recently (again).

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