Dating ambassadeur 5000 reel

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The chrome is in very good clean condition, the plates have had some wear sympathetically touched in to avoid future issues.

The black thumb bar spool release operates without a problem and has no splitting or cracking to it.

Some of the parts may have slight variations but the overall process will be the same.

Here’s how to clean and lubricate an Abu Garcia Ambassadeur fishing reel.

From its humble beginnings as a watch-making factory, through its taximeter, Halda typewriters and technical equipment, eventually the world famous Record casting reels were produced from 1940's, and in 1953 the Ambassadeur 5000 first appeared.

It and its variants took the fishing world by storm and arguably gave ABU a 3 decade lead over most manufacturers.

Superb working order, still a great smooth reel to fish with but probably destined for the cabinet.

page (sadly some are now defunct) about Len Borgstom, Simon Shimomura and Daniel Skupien and more are absolutely essential to the study and appreciation of these fine reels. More specific 1969 advertizing illustrates the ground-breaking features of smooth chrome anti-corrosive manufacturing, fine tolerances between surfaces, centrifugal braking systems, multi-disk star drag, precision matched gears lapped to perfect smoothness, evolution from bushes to ball bearings etc By 1975, we see a much greater emphasis on the wider range of Ambassadeur models taking the reel to more demanding use for bigger salt water fish.

These books are very definitely the Universe when it comes to matters ABU. 5000, 5000A, 5000B, 6000 and bigger Direct drive model The bigger salt water models 7000, 8600 (8500 in Europe), 9000 and 10 000 sizes Ball bearing models High retrieve speed models No better persons to be the Ambassadors for this new reel are authors Espen SJaastad and Karl-Erik Svensson Permission has been kindly extended to me to note their best practice documenting of this fine series of small Ambassadeurs which started in 1975 and continues to this day.

If you like to tinker, taking apart an Abu reel is relatively easy, if you keep some key points in mind. As always, one may find some easier methods, but here’s my method.

These basic steps for cleaning and lubricating a fishing reel will work for all baitcast fishing reels.

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