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This paper was developed to provide general background to assist clients in decisions related to outsourcing IT.Please note that this paper presents professional opinions intended to apply generally and that clients must take appropriate care to evaluate them in light of their specific needs. makes no representations, warrantees or guarantees of any sort as to the applicability of the opinions presented in this paper."We decided on a mixed economy of devices - Blackberry mobiles for selected teams without vehicles; demountable Panasonic Toughbooks in mobile units.The fundamental element to both was remote desktop access," says Pattani.And it’s not just the budgeting process that’s slow – forecasting is also an issue.60% of organizations are busy for at least 6 days (4 times per year! A third troubling example: the financial consolidation costs the majority of businesses at least 7 days a month.

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Over the years Scherr had made a couple of halfhearted attempts to merge the two units because they sold similar instruments and supplies. Siiquent and Teomik had begun to lose customers, and Scherr’s CEO had brought Peter in to tackle the nascent problem. Lots of it.” By contrast, Teomik’s head, the former Olympic shot-putter Emanuel Geiger, wasn’t at all defensive about Peter’s question and proceeded to draw elaborate diagrams on his office whiteboard.Although the two units had similar products, they relied on different strategies to earn their money. The only real issue seemed to be which legacy revenue model he should allow to prevail and which he should gracefully kill.Their sales forces sometimes even called on the same customers, leaving potential buyers confused by the reps’ differing offers. But he couldn’t deny that the flexible, inventive models the two units had followed for years had served them well.Enterprises that are organized around diverse business units with indigenous Information Technology (IT) departments have probably considered leveraging the investment in their IT infrastructure through consolidation.Whether or not this consideration is ever fleshed out beyond a brainstorming session depends on the enterprise’s “culture” and business strategy.

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